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First time Entrance Exam in India

21 May 2019
Palacky University
Czech Republic

22 May 2019
Charles University
Czech Republic

23 May 2019
The University of Zagreb

Top Five Advantages of Studying in Europe

License to practice in countries of European Union
After completion of six years you can work anywhere in European Union in the country of your choice. It is not limited to the country of study. Say, for example you graduate from Hungary, you can work in Sweden but you must have the working language of the Swedish language.
Easier passage to the US
The USMLE is inbuilt in the programs of some Universities. So, students have to clear the Step I and Step II [Clinical knowledge] during the six years of study. The passing percentage of USMLE is nearly 90% when you study in Europe.
The level of education is very high
The medium is all English in these courses You study in small batches of 7 – 15 students so individual attention is there. Many Universities have PBL [Problem Based Learning], the latest in imparting medical education. The classrooms, campuses, libraries, museums and tutorials are amongst the best in the world.
Clinical rotations in the country of your choice
The universities allow some semesters of clinical rotations in the country of your choice, anywhere in the world. You can spend a considerable time in your own country but most students use this opportunity to strengthen their international exposure.
An entire new life style and higher living of standards
Almost all these countries are very high on Development Index and provide a very high living of standards. You have an international career and the world is open to you.

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