Preperation for the European Medical Schools

Why to choose M.B.B.S abroad ?

M.B.B.S in India is very costly if student choose private college . Even after high fees the quality of education is too low . Moreover , students are bond to focus on theoretical knowledge rather than focusing practical exposure.

What will be the gateway for M.B.B.S abroad ?

MDIS is the gateway to M.B.B.S abroad. Clear your MDIS and fly abroad to pursue your M.B.B.S .

Is M.B.B.S abroad affordable .

M.B.B.S abroad is affordable and much cheaper than Indian private college for medicine .

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M.B.B.S Europe

Fee Structure

Offline Course Online Course
Total Cost $5,200 $2,350
Registeration Fees $1200 $1200
Payment Installment 4 3


  • Practise booklet
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • More than 200 video lectures
  • More than 2000 question
  • Preparation for 2 parts of exam:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Oral Test
  • How to get success in medicals
  • Every week 4 hours virtual class for online Course
  • Preparation for USMLE
  • Mock test for Entrance
  • Entrance Exam conducted in India

Student Loan

Tour to the various universities before admissions

Batch Details

  • First Batch
  • Second Batch
  • Third Batch
  • 15 October Onwards
  • April Onwards
  • September Onwards


  • First session begins from 15 october 2018
  • 14 weeks classes will be conducted
  • Complete revision of the Course
  • Mock Test for the enterance exam
  • Enterance exam will be conducted

The whole idea of our course is to prepare students for the universities entrance exams as well as the first two years of medical studies. During the pre-med course you study Biology, physics, chemistry and anatomy/physiology. It’s all medically oriented and designed after the entrance exams

Why pursuing MBBS from Europe is a good option?

May 2nd 2018