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Why pursuing MBBS from Europe is a good option?

Being a doctor is a noble profession where he/she is in the service of mankind around the clock. Pursuing MBBS is a dream for many students, but due to limited seats in Indian Colleges and Universities, students opt for MBBS from abroad.

Pursuing MBBS from abroad may be a costly affair, but a bright option for those medical aspirants who are willing to pursue MBBS at a higher cost.

Many aspirants further go on to pursue MBBS from countries such as Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. According to recent studies, it has been found that a very slim portion of students who pursued MBBS from these countries are successful in clearing the MCI certification exam(Medical graduates from abroad need to clear MCI Screening Test or FMGE for practicing medicine in India)

The major reason behind the failure is the poor quality of education provided in these countries, but students still opt for these countries due to lack of cognizance and options.

Europe is known for well-established medical universities located in countries like Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, and Italy. Thousands of students fly to European countries to pursue their MBBS dream because of quality medical education provided in universities located in Europe.

Read here to know why pursuing MBBS from Europe is a good option

1. Blue-ribbon Medical Education:

Europe has some of the world-class medical universities in terms of education as well as infrastructure. The quality of education is significantly better than the one provided in private medical schools in India. Universities in Europe focus more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

2) Cost of Education

The cost of education in Europe is comparatively lower than USA and management seats of private medical colleges in India. You get a chance to inherit high-quality education at a lesser cost, which makes it cost-effective education.


3) Medium of Education

The boon of studying in European Universities is the medium of language- English unlike universities in China, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan. The students pursuing MBBS from China, Russia, and other countries have to learn the country’s official language as the medium of education is not English which is a big challenge for students.


4) Secure

Europe is considered to have lower rates of crime against the student immigrants as compared to other countries in the world. European countries are considered to be welcoming and friendly to the immigrants and have lower rates of racism and other forms of oppression.


5) Qualification for admission

The requirement for taking admissions in the USA is an undergraduate degree in science, high school diploma and MCATs and Applications to Medical School whereas requirement for taking admissions in Europe is a high school diploma and Written/Oral exams.


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